J.Bradford Forensic Inc. | Area of Expertise

Area of Expertise:

  • Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation of fitness to stand trial and criminal responsibility (was the forensic psychiatric expert in the Bernardo, Picton, Williams, Kachka trials and many others)
  • Dangerous Offender Evaluations (completed over 100)
  • Civil Forensic Psychiatric evaluations testamentary capacity and various levels of competency
  • Civil Forensic Psychiatry evaluations related to psychiatric malpractice (DeJong, Richardson and Barker and Maier and many others)
  • Forensic Psychiatry related to Human Rights, Seclusion and Restraint, Torture and other Violations to Human Rights (Barker and Maier at the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital at Oakridge, Penetangueashene)
  • Consulting with Various Governmental Agencies relating to Forensic Psychiatry (Government of the Netherlands, The State of New York and Connecticut, Provincial )
  • Participating in Governmental Committees in Ontario (Health and Corrections) and Consulting both at the Federal and Provincial level